SLDemocraticFront, as part of the larger SLDM/DF, seeks to build a mass democratic movement for the struggle for virtual democratic structures within and about Second Life, the study of avatar/cyborg-rights and opposing anti-democratic and freedom diminishing tendencies.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

SLDM/DF Statement

Second Life Democratic Movement/Second Life Democratic Front, April 2007

Our organization wishes:

*to create a platform for dissident but constructive thought and action for:

a) the cause of SL democracy: a democratic power-structure within, and democratic decisionmaking about, the virtual world of Second Life.
b) stimulating the study of avatarrights and/or cyborgrights.
c) raising awareness of RL struggles for democratic rights and against the fascist rule of corporate imperialism.

*to build a genuine, mass democratic movement to put popular democratic pressure on Linden Labs.

*to activily oppose the authoritarian governance of Second Life by Linden Labs.

*to activily oppose anti-democratic and freedom diminishing tendencies, for example fascistic groups as FNSL and RL corporate imperialism.

*to stimulate the inworld awareness for the cause of SL democracy as well as for RL struggles for democracy, by cultural, educational and propaganda means.

*to reach out and connect to the other pro-democratic and left progressive groups

*to reach out and connect to the world.